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A Time To Remember

So our romantic weekend at Hartbeespoort Dam was booked and fast approaching. My husband and I just needed some time away from the busy city, work and sorry to say, but our children. I love my kids dearly, but I also need some quality time with my hubby.

We had booked an amazing, romantic package on HartiesOnline.co.za which included :

  • A 2 night stay in a beautiful guesthouse with breakfast
  • Overlooking the dam and the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains
  • A 1 hour, couples Swedish massage
  • A luxurious and exciting speed boat cruise
  • A trip up the mountain in the cable car
  • A nature filled day, riding horses

All I can say is wow!
What an experience! What an amazing time with the one I love.

So Friday afternoon, after a short and scenic 45 minute drive from Johannesburg, we reached the peak of a hill which gave rise to the most stunning view of Hartbeespoort Dam. With a deep sigh and smile on our faces, we knew we were on holiday. It felt like we were hundreds of miles out of the city, yet if we looked back we could see the sky scrapers of Johannesburg.

With check-in done, we were greeted with an amazing and homely, air conditioned room with an en-suite bath in a bay window, overlooking the dam. We felt like kids in a candy store! All the stress that builds up in your every day life, just seems to almost disappear with every minute that goes by.

However, I still had some rock solid knots in my shoulders and neck that needed to be eased out, so next on the agenda was our relaxing spa full body Swedish massages. 1 hour of extreme bliss and tranquility. We got so relaxed that I even heard my hubby snoring! Ha ha… If this is how royalty feels, then I want this every day!

With the massages finished, we decided to sit by the pool and watch the sun go down behind the mountains. What an amazing and beautiful place this was. Like a small piece of paradise.
The sky saw glowing with stunning reds, purples and pinks as the sun slipped lower and lower behind the horizon. Above us flew countless birds, all flying in perfect formation so wherever their nesting grounds were. Nature is so beautiful and we were finally getting to see it unfold right in front of us.

The next day, after a delicious breakfast, we went of to the shores of the dam to enjoy an hour filled with fun and sun on a spectacular speed boat. Our captain was such a nice host and really knew a lot about the history of the dam and surrounding areas. Fish jumping, water skiing, jet skiing were just some of the sights to see around us. Not only that, but we were shown a breeding pair of Black Eagles coming in to land on the edge of the cliff face.
The boat felt so powerful, yet graceful as it raced along the water on our way back to the shore.
Such a cool experience and I am so happy we decided to do it.

There is just so much to do in this area, but our time was limited and there is only so much one can do in 2 days.

Next up was the ride up the mountain in a very comfortable cable car. Although I was pretty nervous, I was assured that we were very safe. True to form we reached the top, safe and sound. The first thing you will notice is the awe inspiring view. What a stunning view! If I were an artist, this is what I would paint.

Following the path up to the highest point, we could see, just above us and so close you could almost touch them, were vultures flying to some point that we had no idea of. We found a seat with a perfect 180degree view, order some cold brews and just soaked up the whole experience… and our brews!

It is amazing how tiring doing almost nothing that requires any form of intense effort can make a person so tired.

Back from the mountain and at the guesthouse, completely exhausted, we were able to watch yet another amazing sun set. Man, wine can taste good when you have great company, stunning surrounds and zero stress.

Our last day came so fast, but we still had one more enjoyable activity on the agenda left.
Horse riding! It’s amazing to see how big and majestic these mighty beings are.
With a mouth full of grass, flies on her nose and me on her back, we set of like cow boys from the wild west. Getting back to nature is an incredible, healing and humbling experience. Everything seems effortless with a true sense of harmony. From the dragonfly to the butterfly. From the small deer to the tiny flowers, everything just worked. Like everything knew what it should do in order to maintain the delicate balance.

Memories are made in this small town and I am ecstatic that we were able to create our own memories.
I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks for reading